Saturday, September 19, 2009 My Full Time Home-Based Business

Some of you may have already heard about ETSY.  Etsy is a "place to buy and sell all things handmade."  I  learned about this internet phenomena from one of the vendors in a church charity event.  The women told me that I can sell my handmade jewelries at etsy and I should give it a try. I signed up to sell a week after that day.  The business started very slow then gradually got better.

Here's what happened:
November 7, 2006 - I signed up at etsy
November 10, 2006 - Got my FIRST SALE -
December 12, 2006 - Got my 2nd & 3rd sales -  &
December 31, 2006 - I only generated 10 sales since I started less than 2 months ago

Year of 2007 - Generated 295 sales
February 23, 2007 - I posted a question in Etsy forum saying "how can I make $100 a day?"
I got many responses and helpful tips to make more sales.
August 17, 2007 - I gave birth to my daughter

Year of 2008 - Generated 1111 sales (mostly from November & December 2008 sales only)
November 6, 2008 - Second year anniversary at etsy.  I went back selling at etsy full time (working during my daughter's daily naps and after she goes to bed at night.
December 2008 - Had an "End of the Year" clearance sale that helped cleared up my inventory to start fresh for the new year.

January 2009 to the present (Sept 19, 2009) - I already generated 1362 sales to date

February 20, 2009 - Opened a clothing line with my best friend

To visit my bead supply shop, please go to

To know more about Etsy, go to


  1. Wow! That's a lot of sales! Congratulations! I hope the clothing line does as well!

    Thanks for posting on my Blog Blast thread. I am following your blog.

  2. Thanks a lot Christie. Please come back again and read more new posts.

  3. that shirt is so pretty and flattering. I love the color.

  4. Thanks Erica. This is our signature top at topsy curvy designs.

    Sherry :-)

  5. thanks Hightower Botanicals! Please come back and visit again.

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