Monday, September 21, 2009

My Typical Day at Work and Home

As you read along, like many stay at home moms out there can definitely relate with my chaotic life:
7 AM - Wake up time. Try to post 4-5 items at etsy by renewing them
7-8      - Breakfast then get my daughter ready for the day, chores
9-10      Walking exercise to Central Park w/ my daughter
11-1 PM - Lunch (including all preparations)
1-2        Get my daughter ready for her afternoon nap
2-4        Work on etsy. Renewing about 10-15 items.
             At the same time cook dinner
4-6        Play with my daughter
7           Dinner then give my daughter a bath
8-9        Daughter's bedtime ( really varies from how we start the day)
9-12      Work on Etsy, more chores, bath, and just a little free time with my husband

Does this sound familiar?  There's really not enough room left for myself.  I'm in desperate need of a "ME TIME" someday.  I haven't had my hair done for more than a year.  I just actually started my daughter in day care twice a week for 2 1/2 hours a day.   Hopefully, I could leave my daughter  alone in day care next week, so I could get a little break.

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